Lebanon Based Team

Dr. Ali Ghassani

NGO Coordinator

Dr. Ali Ghassani is the Advisor of the Community Research Center at Amel Association, which he initiated in 2018. He is a medical doctor from Lebanon, with a Graduate study in Public Health concentrated in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. He received his medical degree from the University of Isfahan in 2006, and his Master in Public Health from the American University of Beirut (AUB) in 2014, in addition he had his Diploma in Introduction to Clinical Research from the Lebanese University in 2009. Dr. Ghassani was the Medical Coordinator at Amel Association and the Health Representative for Local NGOS in the Lebanon Crisis Response plan (LCRP) from 2014 to 2019; Former Head of Medical Activities at Medecins sans Frontieres Swiss (MSF), and a former Hospitalist and Emergency Room Physician at Bellevue Medical Center, Lebanon. He is currently Lecturer of the Epidemiology and Biostatistics course at Lebanese International University (LIU) and General physician at One of Amel Primary health care centers. Dr. Ghassani Co-Authored different studies among which are “Pneumonia Etiology among Refugees in Lebanon (PEARL), and “ALLO SOHTIK” Implications of Synchronous Radio on Syrian Refugee Health. He is interested in different Research topics, mainly in improving medical practice and empowering community research at Primary Health Care.

Amel Staff

Hala Safieddine

Data Collector

Hala graduated from the Lebanese International University and is currently an interior designer. In the past, she has volunteered at a non-governmental organization that focuses on the relationship between children and reading. Hala has worked as a basic literacy and numeracy teacher in order to prepare Syrian students for school. She is also certified in art therapy, social emotional learning, special needs education, and psychosocial support.

Lamees Kashmar

Data Collector

Lamees graduated from The Lebanese University with a bachelor’s in Journalism and Communication. She has worked with Amel Association on the Ayounkon Project as a project assistant. This project focused on working with people in need of cataract surgery and medical assistance. Lamees has also worked as a private tutor for Syrian refugees, in hopes of giving them a better education.

Abdelmenhem Amhaz

Data Collector

Known as Ali, he graduated from Lebanon International University with a bachelor’s degree in survey engineering. He has worked with Amel International Association as a field coordinator for the World Food Program in food security. He has worked with over 250 individuals and helped teach them about organic produce.

Roxana Farhat

Data Collector

Roxana studied nursing in Jeb Janin el Tanmiya wal Tahrir and has been in the field for nine years. Recently, she has worked with Amel International Association as a data collector in the Kamed El Lawz branch.

Dr. Rania Mansour

NGO Coordinator

She is coordinator of social work department at NISCVT that supports Palestinian refugees in all camps around Lebanon. She is consultant to a number of local and international organizations in the field of social work at the micro, mezzo and macro levels, providing consulting services for the Office of Development and Planning in the Directorate of General Security (ministry of interior and municipalities-MOIM) in the areas of evaluation system. Dr. Mansour is the lead trainer at SMART CENTER on anger and stress management, conflicts resolution, disability inclusion, dealing with workplace diversity, leadership, hotline dealer and about methods of intervention in social work with individuals, families, groups and Communities, specialized professional interview, documentation in social work, networking and partnership, psychosocial support techniques, crisis intervention, national referral and caring system for victims of trafficking.

Beit Atfal Assumoud Staff

Ashwak Al Shabi

Data Collector

Ashwak attended the Beirut Arab University and obtained a bachelor’s in psychology and sociology. She started volunteering at Beit Atfal Assomoud in 1986 and has stayed since. She was a coordinator for illiteracy courses that would help women. She has brought awareness for reproductive health to women and children in refugee camps. Her main focus is helping refugees who are struggling to better their quality of life.

Amal Ibrahim

Data Collector

Amal has been a social worker at Beit Atfal Assomoud for over twenty seven years . As a social worker, she continuously follows up on several families that live in the refugee camp, in hopes of supporting them on their journeys to finding a forever home.

Zahra Abdul Latif

Data Collector

Zahra obtained a diploma in preschool education and currently dedicates her time to social work. She often travels around the world to learn about the curriculum that is presented to other children. She then takes that information and tries to implement them in the refugee camps. She is also a wife and mother to three sons and one daughter who have all immigrated out of the country

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