Jordan Based Team

Dr. Ayat Nashwan

NGO Coordinator

Dr. Ayat Nashwan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Work at Yarmouk University, in Irbid, Jordan. She served as the Director of Refugees, Displaced Persons and Forced Migration Studies Center at Yarmouk University from 2018 to 2019. Dr. Ayat received her Ph.D. in Social Work from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, College of Social Work.  Dr. Nashwan’s research focus is Arab families across the lifespan, with a current focus on women, girls, and adolescents. The main research interest area for her is social work with immigrants and refugees.  

Altkaful Charity Association Staff

Abdallah A. Mryyan

Data Collector

Abdallah is a project coordinator at the Makami Center, implemented by Altkaful in partnership with the Jordan River Foundation. He is an expert in education and integrated training of life skills with the National Team of Preparation and Rehabilitation. He has worked as a trainer of basic life skills for many organizations that serve refugees in Jordan. He has also worked as a data collector for many projects lead by Altkaful. He graduated from Jordan Mutah University with a bachelors degree in Archeology and Tourism.

Fahed M. Al Oqaili

Data Collector

Fahed graduated with honors from Yarmouk University with a master’s degree in English Arts/Translation. He is a social researcher, content writer, translator and project coordinator at Altkaful Charity Association. He coordinated and implemented several projects that targeted refugees in Jordan. He worked with organizations such as The Jordan River Foundation, NRC, Terre des Hommes, MedAir, and Mercy Corps.

Sajeda Al Saleh

Data Collector

Sajeda worked as a volunteer at “Terre des
Hommes” as a facilitator of awareness sessions
on various topics on child protection for parents
of children benefiting from the organization. She
coordinated and implemented special community
initiatives in child protection in various
associations and government schools. Previously,
she worked with Care Jordan to monitor and
follow up the small projects of women benefiting
from the organization within the program called
“Jordanian Community Development and Support
Program” through regular field visits. Sajeda also
implemented many youth initiatives that targeted the
local community in Jordan. She graduated from
Jadara University-Jordan with a bachelor’s degree
in business administration.

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